London Arts Gallery BAG ONE press release

Eugene Schuster, founder of the London Arts Group whose London and American galleries tour exhibitions throughout England and the United States, has organised the first show of original lithographs by John Lennon entitled BAG ONE.

Mr. Schuster accepted the challenge of the expansion of Pop to the Fine Art field with delight and the seriousness of his professorial background. Lennon’s sex life in the medium of lithography is a poignant comment on a modern society. In the last year Lennon has repeatedly attempted to identify himself as an artist beyond Pop music. It has brought ridicule on him and his efforts have been scorned.

The history of lithography has seen a change of emphasis from content to technique and Lennon has taken advantage of this movement to expose a society by exposing his own private life to encourage a more introspective commitment to content by today’s artists who can be so timid. In a society where movement and social change play such an important part, the artist’s need to experiment is not new. Warhol and Rauschenberg have created a pattern. John Lennon is developing this tradition and although he may not be making many friends, he has committed himself to a particular cultural leadership which has always been the position of the artist.

The London Arts Gallery is one of the largest dealers in Old Master, 19th and 20th century graphic art. Mr. Schuster could not deny Lennon the chance of a major exhibition simply because it is a common theme on an uncommon level.

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