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The Queen vs Eugene

In January 1970 the first ever exhibit of Bag One by John Lennon took place at the London Arts Gallery 22 New Bond Street. The opening was raided by the Scotland Yard Vice squad and the prints were confiscated. The gallery owner was charged with Obscenity and a trial was held the next month.

bag one

Come Together: John Lennon’s illegal art

Confiscated in a Scotland Yard raid, John Lennon’s erotic drawings spent only a single day on display in London. Fifty years on, the explicit lithographs made by the Beatle at his creative and controversial peak

bag one

Erotic Lennon ‘disgusting’ – The Evening Standard

24 March 2004 London Evening Standard Steve Doughty   Detectives damningly dismissed John Lennon’s erotic drawings as the product of a sick mind. And members of the public who visited the London gallery exhibiting

bag one

Lennon and Picasso compared at Trial

Allegedly obscene drawings by John Lennon were compared in court yesterday with a Picasso print. The print was found by police in a drawer at an art gallery where the Lennon lithographs were on display

bag one

Art Fears Cleared Lennon Of Obscenity

John Lennon’s graphic drawings of himself having sex may have escaped conviction for obscenity because of feared ramifications across the art world, newly-released files show. There were worries that art collections throughout the country could

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It was easy for John to talk about being receptive to new  ideas but the discipline to begin projects and see them through to completion was often another story. When in 1968  I suggested the lithographs,

bag one

John Lennon Yoko Ono Artist Activists

Yoko Ono Indica Gallery London 1966   John Lennon – You Are Here, Robert Fraser Gallery, London, UK (1968) A large white canvas circle (approx 10 ft diameter) with ‘you are here’ written in the

London Arts Inc.

London Grafica Arts Timeline

london arts group   London Arts Group is an internationally recognized publishing company assisting in producing limited edition art works for many internationally recognized artists including Yaacov Agam, Karel Appel, Arman, Romare Bearden, Gene Davis,

bag one

London Arts Gallery BAG ONE press release

Eugene Schuster, founder of the London Arts Group whose London and American galleries tour exhibitions throughout England and the United States, has organised the first show of original lithographs by John Lennon entitled BAG ONE.