Lennon Exhibitor Draws Picasso Into His Defense

LONDON, April 1 (Reuters)— A court was asked today to decide whether a drawing by Beatle John Lennon depicting a sex act was more obscene than a similar work by Pablo Picasso.

The comparison was made before a magistrate’s court hearing a summons, alleging indecency, against the London Art Gallery. The gallery director, Eugene Schuster, was brought to court for exhibiting a collection of lithographs depicting the Lennons’ love life.

Detective Inspector Frederick Luff, who took part in a ‐raid on the gallery in January, was handed a catalogue illustrating a Picasso exhibition. The officer agreed that the Lennon lithographs represented a fair example of what was currently being exhibited, with no proceedings following.

The summons to Mr. Schuester was issued under an 1839 law.

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